Wolcott Falls Park
Wolcott, New York

Location: Northwestern Wayne County, Village of Wolcott, at 12063 Mill Street.

     This waterfall was called "Ganadasgua" by the local Indians. The name means "Leaping Waters Above The Lake." You can view the falls from an overlook with an information kiosk at the parking lot.

     To get to the base of the falls walk to the northwest along the fence. Soon you will come to a trail that you can follow to the base of this 33 foot high by 12 foot wide falls. In 1809 Jonathan Melvin built a gristmill and sawmill at the falls.

Photo 2009 by John Monson. Taken on January 12, 2009.

     Located in the center of the village, at the intersection of Main and New Hartford Streets, is an interesting fountain with a cast iron statue of "Venus Rising From the Sea", along with two Cupids. Cast by the J. L. Mott Iron Works, the statue was purchased in 1913 for $875.00. It was once a public drinking fountain.

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Web site: Village of Wolcott
 A 1909 postcard of Wolcott Falls               Venus photo by
Don Hunt Photo
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