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letter        Most of the waterfalls cataloged by the Western New York Waterfall Survey are located on private property. Nearly all of the landowners I have talked with do not want information on their waterfall given out on the web. To the right is a letter I received from a landowner. Vandalism, littering, the right to privacy, crop damage, and liability concerns were some of the reasons given. One of the more interesting landowner comments follows.

       "Lets say you have a fenced in backyard with a pool. You come home one day and find unfamiliar cars parked in your driveway. Checking out your backyard you find several people whom you have never met swimming in the pool. Would you be upset? Well that's how I feel when I see uninvited people walking across my land and swimming at my falls. To me the land around my farm is the same as your fenced in backyard. You have the right to protect your home and backyard. I have the right to protect my land."

       Please respect the rights of private landowners and do not enter land that is posted. If you enter private property without permission you are guilty of trespassing. You may be fined up to $250 and/or up to 15 days in jail. For more information on posting and trespassing go to Posting under the NY Environmental Conservation Law. This site and the information presented on it does not give anyone the right to visit any of the waterfalls mentioned on it. Viewing a waterfall is a privilege granted by the owner, be it on private land or in a park. Access conditions can change quickly. Please act responsibly. The information on this web site does not give anyone the right to trespass on private property. You must obtain permission to enter private property.

Also check out the NYSDEC ASK Permission Brochure.

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