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Letchworth State Park

      A Waterfall Guide to Letchworth State Park by Scott A. Ensminger and Douglas K. Bassett. Now in its third edition this 104 page expanded and updated guide contains directions on how to reach the best viewing area for more than 25 waterfalls found in the park. There are nine maps that show the locations of the waterfalls and the trails used to reach the viewing areas. Over 50 black and white photographs of the waterfalls are included in the guide.

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     Letchworth State Park is located in the western half of New York State, 35 miles southwest of Rochester, between Mount Morris and Portageville. There are six entrances to the park, four located on the western side and two on the eastern side. The four western entrances are: Mount Morris (from Route 36), Perry (from Route 39), Castile (from Route 19A), and Portageville (from Route 19A). Nearly all of the waterfall viewing areas are reached best by using the western entrances. The two eastern entrances are the Parade Grounds (from Route 436), and Mount Morris Dam (from Route 408). The Parade Grounds and Portageville entrances are closed during the winter months. As is the park road from the Perry Entrance to the Castile Entrance. This page is part of the Letchworth State Park Information page by the Western New York Waterfall Survey.

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      Below the Letchworth State Park area map are 3 maps that show the park in more detail. Click on a link to the right of the area map to go to information on that waterfall. Next to the last map is a list of the major falls in the park and their height in feet.

Letchworth Map

 The Upper Falls
 The Middle Falls
 The Lower Falls
 Timber Tunnel Cascade
 Shadow Cascade
 Deh-ge-wa-nus Falls
 Wee Water Willy
 Deh-ga-ya-soh Falls
 Inspiration Falls
 Paul Rock Cascade
 Denton Brook Cascade
 The Three Sisters
 Stepmother Cascade
 Wolf Creek Cascade
 The St. Helena Falls
 Detour Cliff Cascade
 Horse Tail Falls
 Sawmill Chute
 Waterline Cascade
 Waterline Falls
 Papermill Falls
 Crapsey Clay Falls

Letchworth South End Map Letchworth Center Map

Letchworth North End Map   
 The Upper Falls 70
 The Middle Falls 107
 The Lower Falls 70
 Timber Tunnel Cascade 140
 Shadow Cascade 14
 Deh-ge-wa-nus Falls 14
 Wee Water Willy 117
 Deh-ga-ya-soh Falls 150
 Inspiration Falls 350
 Paul Rock Cascade 35
 Denton Brook Cascade 500
 Cinderella Cascade 500
 Youngest Stepsister Cascade 500
 Eldest Stepsister Cascade 500
 Stepmother Cascade 470
 Wolf Creek Cascade 225
 Canoe Shower Falls 40
 Crucifix Cascade 70
 Wriggling Waters 60
 Abutment Falls 50
 Detour Cliff Cascade 110
 Horse Tail Falls 130
 Sawmill Chute 13
 Waterline Cascade 10
 Waterline Falls 19
 Paper Mill Falls 49
 Crapsey Clay Falls 200

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