Tinker Falls
Apulia, New York

Location: North central Cortland County, Route 91, 3 miles south of Apulia.

     A small, easily missed, parking area for Tinker Falls is located on the west side of Route 91, 3 miles south of Route 80. From the parking area, cross Route 91, being mindful of the traffic, and look for a sign a short distance north of Tinker Falls Creek, marking the trail to Tinker Falls. The 1/4 mile long trail to the falls is fairly level and easy to follow. About 300 feet before you reach the falls, the trail reaches Tinker Falls Creek. To get to the base of the falls from this point you will have to clamber between large boulders found in the creek bed and up a steep section of trail.
     Tinker Falls is 49 feet in height and 24 feet wide at the crest. The creek flows to the south southwest as it passes over the crest. It then falls freely through the air for 30 feet, strikes a ledge, and steeply cascades another 19 feet. What makes this falls truly distinctive is the very large overhang that the creek flows over. The overhang is roughly 100 feet wide, 30 feet high, and 30 feet deep. It allows you the unique opportunity of easily walking behind a waterfall.

Tinker Falls Map

     Tinker Falls is located in the Labrador Hollow Unique Area which is managed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The area is a steep sided glacial valley and features a 120 acre glacial lake called Labrador Pond. A wetland boardwalk is located on the north shore of the pond. The boardwalk can be reached from the Tinker Falls parking area by following Route 91 north for 1.1 miles and turning left (west) onto Labrador Crossing. The access road to the boardwalk will be to your left (south) in a short distance. The handicapped accessible boardwalk lets you easily experience the many distinctive plants and animals of a wetland.

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