Schoolmarm Falls
Cattaraugus, New York
Also known as Buttermilk Falls

Location: North central Cattaraugus County, North Otto Road, 6 miles north of East Otto. You may be able to park along the road to the east of the falls and walk along the road to view it. Otherwise you'll just be able to view the fall as you drive by.

     Roughly 35 feet high with a 10 foot wide crest, Schoolmarm Falls can only be seen from the side of North Otto Road. The falls faces to the east. Known in the past as Buttermilk Falls, (see the old postcard to the left) the name was changed in honor of a schoolmarm who fell to her death after rescuing a boy who had become stranded at the top of the falls. The name Waterman Cascade has been incorrectly given to this falls by others.

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