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     In my search for world wide waterfall information on the Internet, I think the best link is by Kazu of Japan. So insted of giving you links to numerous sites, I'll give you a link to his and and a few others. Kazu's site consists of over 120 links to waterfall information around the world, and his original selection for the 100 Best Japanese Waterfalls. You can then choose an area of the world to explore for waterfalls.

The World Wide Waterfalls Web!

     If you have any information about the waterfalls in your country, please tell him. Japanese and English are both acceptable.

Other good links for waterfall information are:

Dig The Falls - Promoting New York State Waterfalls
by Edward Smathers

Waterfalls of New York State by Jon Binder

Northern NY Falls gif

Northern New York Waterfalls by David J. Schryver

Bobbie's Waterfalls of New York State by Bobbie Sweeting

Ruth's Waterfalls of the Finger Lakes, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY
by Ruth & Roger Hopkins

United States Waterfalls by

Waterfalls of the Northeastern United States by Dean Goss.

Slovenia Land Of Waterfalls by Bostjan Burger

Escaping To Paradise
Waterfalls from upper Michigan, New York
and 13 other states by Nick Peeff

World Of Waterfalls by Johnny T. Cheng

The Waterfalls of Malaysia by Jan Stuivenberg

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