Ludlowville Falls
Ludlowville, New York

Location: North central Tompkins County, Ludlowville Road, Ludlowville. Starting from the intersection of Routes 34 and 34B, follow Route 34B north for roughly 2.7 miles to Ludlowville Road and turn right (north). In a little over 1 mile you will reach the Village of Ludlowville and a T intersection. The entrance to the village park is across the road and immediately to the right (west).

     From the parking area for the village park walk northwards, past the playground, to a chain link fence. From here you will be able to get an excellent view of Ludlowville Falls, which is sometimes called Salmon Creek Falls. The falls faces to the east southeast, is 45 feet high, and has a crest that is 117 feet wide. The most impressive feature of this falls is the extremely large overhang found on the southern flank of the falls. This overhang, created by Tully Limestone, is 30 feet high, 60 feet wide, and 40 feet deep. When the volume of Salmon Creek is high, this overhang amplifies the sound of the falling water into an impressive roar. Near the northern flank of the falls is a flume that usually creates an impressive rooster tail. When the creek volume is high, water shoots out several feet and then plunges to a large boulder at the base of the falls.

Little Ludlowville Falls      Another waterfall is found a short distance to the east of the village park. Exit the village park turn left (east) onto Mill Street and follow it downhill to its end. Here you will find a DEC parking area for fishing access to Salmon Creek. Walk upstream (northeast) along the stream bank and in a short distance you will be standing across the creek from Little Ludlowville Falls. The falls faces to the west, is 12 feet high, and has a 24 foot crest.

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