A Waterfall Guide To
Letchworth State Park

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     Waterfalls are one of the most enchanting wonders of nature. The grandeur of the three great waterfalls located in the southern end of Letchworth State Park has drawn visitors for more than a century. However there are many more waterfalls in Letchworth that are often missed by the park visitor.

     Scott A. Ensminger, of North Tonawanda, has been cataloging waterfall locations in the western half of New York State since 1986. In 1987, he contacted Douglas K. Bassett, the naturalist at Letchworth State Park, requesting information on waterfalls found within the park. At their first meeting, Mr. Ensminger learned that the park had many more waterfalls than just the three major ones on the Genesee River. With location information supplied by Mr. Bassett, Mr. Ensminger began visiting and photographing waterfalls found within the park. Late in 1988, wanting to help others enjoy the waterfalls of Letchworth State Park, Mr. Ensminger began work on the first edition of "A Waterfall Guide To Letchworth State Park."

     Now in its third edition this 104 page expanded and updated guide contains directions on how to reach the best viewing area for more than 25 waterfalls found in the park. There are nine maps that show the locations of the waterfalls and the trails used to reach the viewing areas. Over 50 black and white photographs of the waterfalls are included in the guide. Three photographs of the Lower Falls, taken from the same area over the last 35 years, show how the appearance of the Lower Falls has changed dramatically as it has receded upstream. The guide also contains information on Letchworth adventures, area accommodations, seven state parks that have outstanding waterfalls.

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