Kite Photos By SAE

     The photos below were taken by a camera attached to a kite. If you have a question about a photo send me an email at:

A                                                                           B
Kite Photo 01 Kite Photo 02

C                                                                           D
Kite Photo 03 Kite Photo 04

E                                                                           F Kite Photo 05 Kite Photo 07

G                                                                           H Kite Photo 08 Kite Photo 09

I                                                                           J Kite Photo 10 Kite Photo 11

K                                                                           L Kite Photo 06 Kite Photo 12

Copyright 2009 by Scott A. Ensminger.
Photos may not be reproduced without written permission.

    You can send me e-mail at:
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