Johnson Falls
Town of Sheldon
Wyoming County, New York

Location: Town of Sheldon, Wyoming County, New York

     Contrary to other information found on the internet, Johnson Falls in Wyoming County is CLOSED TO All ACCESS.

     The following information is taken from a letter I received from one of the landowners dated November 23, 2009.

     “We have a hard time with people parting and drinking and throwing garbage all over. We have picked up 100’s of bags of cans and garbage. It goes on and on for 30 years. The falls are very dangerous and there have been two deaths. We don’t need the falls to be advertised on the internet. We intend to defend our property at all times.”

     In a telephone conversation on December 11, 2009 the other landowner mentioned that “The location of the falls should not be mentioned on the internet. It is a very dangerous area.”

     The properties are clearly posted against trespassing. Neighbors keep an eye on the land and the Wyoming County Sheriff often patrols the access road.

      I have purposely not mentioned the names of the landowners to protect their privacy. Vandalism and theft of their personal property has also been a problem.

     If you enter private property that is posted without the permission of the landowner you are guilty of trespassing. You may be fined up to $250 and/or up to 15 days in jail. For more information on posting and trespassing go to Questions & Answers about Posting under the NY Environmental Conservation Law.

     Hopefully this information will discourage unwanted visitors to Johnson Falls. There are many other waterfalls in the western half of New York State that are open to the public. I encourage you to seek them out. I also hope you will respect the landowners wishes and rights to protect their land. Please act responsibly.

     The information on this web site does not give anyone the right to trespass on private property. You must obtain permission from the landowner to enter private property.

Recreation on private property is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT.

Copyright © 2009 by Scott A. Ensminger.
This information may not be reproduced without written permission.

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