Java Falls
Also known as Angel Falls
Java Village, New York

Location: Western Wyoming County in Java Village on Beaver Meadow Creek.

Java Falls Map Java Falls 01

     Starting from the intersection of Routes 20A and 78, follow Route 78 southwards for 9.3 miles to Java Village. Immeadtaely after crossing Beaver Meadow Creek pull into the parking lot for the Java Agency on the left (east) side of the road. Please park on the far side of the lot away from the building. This will allow more parking for customers of the Java Agency. Please keep your visit to the falls short.

    From your parking spot walk northwards along the east side of Route 78 to the bridge over Beaver Meadow Creek. Please watch for traffic as you walk along the road and stand on the bridge. Look to the southeast from the bridge for a view of Java Falls.

    The falls is comprised of two distinct drops. The upper drop has a height of six feet and a crest width of 33 feet. The lower drop, which is caused by limestone boulders in the creek bed, is three feet high with a eight foot wide crest. The falls is developed in the Java Formation which consists of greenish-gray to black shale with some limestone beds. The formation dates from the Late Devonian Epoch. This gives the rocks an age of between 385,000,000 to 359,000,000 years old.

Java Falls 02

Ask Sticker      Java Falls has been incorrectly known as Angel Falls since about 1957. Apparently there was some confusion by mapmakers with the location of the true Angel Falls which is located elsewhere on private property. The land is posted against trespassing and neighboring landowners also keep an eye out for trespassers. The owners of the true Angel Falls have requested that you ask them for permission if you would like to view it. Please respect their rights and ask for permission to enter their land.

Please     act     responsibly.

     Locating the owners is your responsibility. I was asked not to publish the owners name on the internet. If you wish to view this falls you must do the research to locate the owners. It is not that hard to do. It took me less than 15 minutes. I found the owners to be very willing to grant access. Please respect their rights and ask for permission to enter their land.

Java Falls 03 The upper drop of Java Falls

     A post office was established here about 1826 under the name of Gurney's Mills. Lyman D. Wood was the first postmaster. The name of the post office was changed a few years later to Java Village. In this area Java is pronounced "Jay-vuh." The office of the Java Agency was once the town hall. A feed store was located near the southeastern corner of the parking area.

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Web site: Java Agency            Web site: Town of Java

The information on this web page does not give anyone the right to trespass on private property. You must obtain permission from the landowner to enter private property.

Recreation on private property is a privilege,
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