Indian Falls
Lockport, New York

Location: Central Niagara County, Gulf Wilderness Park, West Jackson Street,

     Starting from the intersection of Routes 31 and 78 drive north on Route 78 for 0.4 of a mile to Grand Street and turn right (east). In 0.2 of a mile turn left (north) onto Gooding Street and follow it for 0.7 of a mile when it becomes West Jackson Street. Continue along West Jackson Street for 0.5 of a mile to the Gulf Wilderness Park. A small parking area is located on the southern shoulder of the road.

Indian Falls Niagara Map

Lockport Gulf Trailhead      Indian Falls is best seen in the mid to late spring as the creek may dry up completely by mid summer. The trail head is an old millstone that is flanked by a trail map and an information kiosk. Follow the trail southwards and turn left (east) when you come to a T. Continue along this trail as it parallels the West Branch of Eighteenmile Creek and in roughly 800 feet you will arrive at Indian Falls. The falls is 6 feet high, 18 feet wide and faces to the east northeast. The bedrock of the creek is a sedimentary rock known as Grimsby Sandstone. It dates from the Silurian Period and is about 15 feet thick.

Indian Falls, Niagara Co.

     In the past the area was used as a dumping ground and the creek was heavily polluted. In the late 1960's work began to turn the area into a "Wilderness Park" which opened in 1972. The park is known for its springtime display of wildflowers such as Trillium, Bloodroot and Hepatica. For more information on the park and trail map check out the Gulf Wilderness Park web site listed below.

Indian Falls, Niagara Co.

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Web site: Gulf Wilderness Park

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