Holley Falls
Holley, New York

Location: East central Orleans County, Frisbie Terrace, Village Of Holley. From Route 31 turn east onto Frisbie Terrace, passing a supermarket on your left. In a short distance you will pass the Department of Public Works garage on your left. Immediately on your right (south) is a road leading downhill and to the falls, which is less than 0.2 of a mile (0.3 km) away. A parking area is located at the end of this road, with the falls being plainly visible to the southeast.

Holley Falls Map

     Holley Falls is 34 feet high, and has a 15 foot wide crest. The falls faces to the northwest. The first 6 feet of the falls is vertical, with the remainder being a very steep cascade. According to the Village of Holley historian I talked with in 1989, the falls was known as Glen Falls at that time. In more recent times it is known as Holley Falls or Holley Canal Falls. The purpleish-red rock that the creek flows over is Medina sandstone. Its color comes from small amounts of iron found in the sediments from which it formed.

     The falls was probably created about 1913. In that year the Erie Canal was widened and straightened. The creek the falls is found on is actually surplus water from the canal. After passing over the falls, the water flows into the East Branch of Sandy Creek, which then flows under the canal.

Holley Falls

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