Falls with Natural Bridge

This waterfall, with a natural bridge in front of it, is located in the area covered by the Western New York Waterfall Survey. When I talked with the owner he was extremely concerned about people visiting the falls. This is a very dangerous area. A person fell over the cliff by the falls and died. Out of respect to the owner's rights, I have decided not to give out the name or location of the falls.

The natural bridge is about 18 inches thick and has a span of about 14 feet. In times of high water, the creek flows over the natural bridge, obscuring it from view. I first visited the falls about 1977. I remember that the creek was very low but do not remember seeing the natural bridge at that time. This photo was taken on November 06, 1999.

A friend tells me that he visited the falls in July of 2003 and that the natural bridge had collapsed.

For information on natural bridges and arches visit The Natural Arch and Bridge Society.

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