Contributors to the
Western New York Waterfall Survey

The following agencies and individuals have contributed information to, of have helped with my waterfall survey. Without their assistance the list of known waterfalls would certainly be much shorter. They are presented hear in no special order. A sincere Thank You to all of you, and my apologies to anyone I have forgotten to mention.

Canandaigua Lake Watershed Task Force

Chautauqua County Park Commission

Chemung County Chamber of Commerce

County of Wayne, Department of History

Finger Lakes National Forest

Finger Lakes Trail Conference

Groton Public Library

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Education Department

New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Old Brutus Historical Society

Onondaga County Environmental Management Council

Ontario County Historical Society

Rochester Museum & Science Center

Seymour Public Library

Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District

Unites States Department of Agriculture

Yates County Soil and Water Conservation District

William J. Abraham Joel Fiske Bill Neubauer
Victor Anderson Peter Franklin Thomas Nobil
Charles Appell Walt Franklin Phillip J. Palen
Rick Ayers Randy Fuller Vesta Rice
Douglas K. Bassett Todd Graves Ronald L. Schroder
Curts H. Bauer Tony Ingraham John B. Skiba
Howard S. Beye Norman Ives Stephanie Spittle
Ransom Blakeley Lisa Jurkowski Martin Stefanowski
Larry A. Bowman Bruce Kershner Rodger Sweetland
Paul E. Cacchione Hazlitt Krog Jim Tratt
Lous Chomyk Sthphin Lewandowski Bill Verhile
Grace P. Christy Scott S. Lewis Glen Walker
Derek Doeffinger Ross Markello George Wettlaufer
Shirley Ensminger Jeanne A. Martim Linwood C. Wilet, Jr.
Allen Ensminger George C. McIntosh Munro Will
Jerrod Farnham Marie Morisawa Robert K. Williams
Deborah Ferrell Jery Myers Don Woodrow
Mike Wilson Ruth Hopkins Roger A. Hopkins
Tom Bauer Richard Adamus Keith Boncek
Gregg R. Powers Tom Coene Stephen A. Tobin
Stephen M. Young Louise M. Barr John & Maryhelen Rominger
Cindy Gibson Sally Guydosh Steve Hotchkiss
Felipe A. Oltremari Tom A. Maigret Donald Darrin
Carl F. Moravec Trudy Dody Chris Babcock
Ron Andrews Naomi Brewer Walter J. Gable
Michael Huff Carolyn Zogg Dick Rogers
David L. Palmer Larry Henry Beatrice M. Wilcox
Rhea Walker Fred Woods Douglas & Judy Hahn
Mark E. Johnson Adrian "Grundy" Westlund III Jody Shaw
Tom Dewey Vince Martonis Tim Mohawk
Mary Rhodes Norma Pizza Marybelle Beigh
Matt Champlin Mildred L. Becker Don Tiffany
Mike Brown Bill Hecht Gary A. Decker
Gifford Swyers Andrea Vaughan Elizabeth Batlle
J. Klein Sue & John Babbitt Rich Engelbrecht
Joeph Zimmerman David Rice Roger Trendowski
David Malak David Forman David Titus
Bill Kae Michael J. Head Bob Havener
Jerry LaPorte Rich & Ginny NiCastle David Batterson
Marty Blake Amy Daggett ?? ??

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