Colden Falls
Colden, New York

Location: Central Erie County, Heath Road, Colden. From Route 240 turn west onto Boston-Colden Road. A parking lot is located immediately on the south side of Boston-Colden Road just past the Harmony Market. Park on the western side of the lot away from the market. Parking is limited to one hour.

     From your parking spot walk back to Route 240, cross it and continue onto Heath Road. As you cross the Colden Veterans Bridge over the West Branch of Cazenovia Creek look to your right for a view of the falls.

     Colden Falls is located on a 90 degree bend in West Branch of Cazenovia Creek. The crest is 54 feet wide, faces to the northeast and has an elevation of 1,070 feet. The falls has a total drop of 16 feet.

     The Village of Colden was originally known as the Township of Willink. In 1810 Richard Buffum came from Road Island and built a saw mill on the south corner of Heath Road and Route 240, near where the Colden Country Store is now located. The drop in elevation at the falls allowed the mill to be built without a dam. In 1814 Richard Buffum and James Bloomfield built a grist mill near the saw mill, and the area became known as Buffum Town, Buffum’s Mills, or Buffumshire. When the name was changed to Colden is presently not known.

    Colden Falls from the Veterans Bridge.

    Sometime during the winter of 2007/08 a large slab of shale broke loose from near the crest of the falls. It is resting on its side on the northern creek bank, just upstream of the Veterans Bridge. The slab was gone in the spring of 2009.

                                                                                               Colden Falls by Craig Bouquin.

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