Cascades of Attica
Attica, New York

Location: Southeast of Attica, NY.

     Contrary to information found on the internet and in guidebooks the three Cascades of Attica are located on private property. The cascades are found on a creek that flows south to north and are owned by two individuals, one to the east and one to the west.

     In a telephone conservation with the western landowner on January 23, 2009 he stated that the land is un-posted and that the public may view the cascades. This is a hazardous area with cliffs and extremely steep hills. It requires caution while hiking. If you choose to view the cascades remember that you are entering the land at your own risk. You alone are responsible for your safety.

     The landowner also expressed concern about thoughtless acts of littering on the land. Please cary out your trash and the trash left by others. Campfires and overnight camping are not permitted. You are a guest on this land so please show some respect for it.

     The creek is a source of drinking water for the Attica area and care should be taken not to pollute the waters.

     I have decided not to provide directions to the cascades in hopes that this will limit visitors to the area. Also, I have not received a reply from the eastern landowner and do not know what the access policy is on this side of the creek.

     I have purposely not mentioned the names of the landowners to protect their privacy.

The information on this web site does not give anyone
the right to trespass on private property.

You must obtain permission from the landowner to enter private property.

Recreation on private property is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT.
Copyright 2009 by Scott A. Ensminger.
This information may not be reproduced without written permission.

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