Carpenter Falls State Unique Area
New Hope, New York

Location: Southwestern Cayuga County, corner of Appletree Point Road and Carver Road, New Hope. From New Hope drive north on Route 41A for 0.8 of a mile to Appletree Point Road and turn right (east). Follow Appletree Point Road for roughly 0.5 of a mile to a T intersection with Carver Road. A small dirt parking area for Carpenter Falls Ravine is located north of the intersection.

     In 2008 the Finger Lakes Land Trust transfered 36 acres of land around the falls to New York State. The land downstream of the falls is owned by the Finger Lakes Land Trust and is known s the Bahar Preserve. The adjacent land is privately owned. Please respect the landowners rights and do not enter posted land. A kiosk with a large map and information about the ravine is located a short distance from the parking area.

     From the kiosk follow the trail to the left (southeast) and in a little over 0.1 of a mile you will come to a steep trail which you can follow to the base of Carpenter Falls. Another trail will lead you behind the falls (photo at right). From the Appletree Point Road bridge, Bear Swamp Creek descends the erosion resistant Tully Limestone in a series of small drops totaling 10 feet. The creek is then channeled into a two foot wide notch in the overhanging caprock. The creek plunges vertically 14 feet down the caprock and then free falls 62 feet into the plunge pool below. A small cascade is found a short distance downstream of the plunge pool.

      Return to the kiosk and follow the trail to the right (northwest). Sections of this 0.5 of a mile long trail are rather difficult being steep and extremely slippery after a rain. It is only for experienced hikers. In some of the very steep sections of the trail you may find a fixed rope to assist you. Near the end of this difficult trail you will arrive at the Lower Falls which is sometimes called Angel Falls. It has a total height of roughly 60 feet. To return to your vehicle backtrack along the trail.

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