Ballooning Niagara Falls

Note: The balloon ride failed to open in 2008

     The "Flight of Angels" opened in Niagara Falls, USA in May of 2001. I took a flight on the 18th and found it extremely enjoyable.

     The "Flight of Angels" is a 73 foot diameter tethered helium filled balloon that soars 400 feet above the City of Niagara Falls. The balloon is moored about half a mile north of Goat Island and providesan excellent view of Niagara Falls.

     After boarding the gondola the steel cable is slowly unwound. The gondola slowly rises and the view of the falls and surrounding area only becomes more stunning as you ascend. When you reach 400 feet you have 15 minutes to enjoy the enthralling view. The City of Buffalo, New York, located 20 miles to the southeast, and The City of Toronto, Ontario, located 40 miles to the northwest, could clearly be seen. In several ways the balloon offers a better view of the falls than a helicopter flight. There is no noise, no vibration, and you are closer to the falls (the helicopters fly at 1,000 feet, or more). The balloon gives you time to study various aspects of the falls. In a helicopter you're moving too fast.

The crest of the American Falls is in the lower right corner of this photo.
Note: The balloon ride failed to open in 2008
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