Alexander Caverns - A Brief History And Photos

       Alexander Caverns is located a short distance east of Reedsville, Pennsylvania. John Spielman and Henry Schmidt discovered it in 1926 when they explored a cavern passage beyond what was then known as Mammoth Spring. They discovered that the cavern had a wet and dry section. Both sections being filled with fantastic formations. Great clusters of stalactites and numerous large draperies hung from the ceiling of the stream passage. Huge stalagmites, numerous slender broomstick stalagmites, and spectacular columns filled the dry section of the cavern.

       Work soon began on the commercialization of the cavern. An artificial entrance was blasted to the northwest of the spring entrance to allow visitors to easily enter the dry section of the cavern. The dry section was opened to the public in 1929. Boat trips on the stream section were added the following year. When the lease on the caverns expired in 1954, the Amish landowner refused to renew it and the cavern was closed. Around 1966 the owner noticed that the door to the artificial entrance was torn away. Taking some friends into the cavern they found the many of the formations had been badly vandalized.

       In 1986 the Bald Eagle Grotto contacted the owner and proposed a management plan for the cavern, which the owner accepted. Since then there have been several new passages discovered. The cavern now has over 11,200 feet of surveyed passage.

       The following photos were taken in the dry section of the cave by Scott A. Ensminger on May 19, 2007. All photos are copyrighted 2007 by Scott A. Ensminger. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Alexander Caverns, 01 Alexander Caverns, 02 Alexander Caverns, 03
Alexander Caverns, 04 Alexander Caverns, 05 Alexander Caverns, 06
Alexander Caverns, 07 Alexander Caverns, 08 Alexander Caverns, 09
Alexander Caverns, 10 Alexander Caverns, 11 Alexander Caverns, 12

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