Historic Lockport Locks
Lockport, New York

Location: Central Niagara County, Lockport.

     Starting from the intersection of Routes 31 and 78 drive north on Route 78 for one block and turn right (east) onto Main Street. In 0.3 of a mile turn left (northeast) onto Market Street and proceed down the hill. About 0.4 of a mile from Main Street turn left (northwest) onto Mill Street crossing the Erie Canal. In one block turn left (southwest) onto Clinton Street going uphill. Roughly 0.1 of a mile from Mill Street turn left (south) into the entrance for Upson Park. The entrance may be a little hard to spot. It is across from Scovell Street. Drive to the end of the road and park on the southwestern side of the parking area.

Lockport bridgeLockport      From your parking spot walk to the southeast towards the canal. When you reach the canal turn right and follow the canal path under the "upside-down" railroad bridge. Continue along the canal path and you will soon arrive at locks 34 and 35 of the Erie Canal.

Historic Lockport Locks
     During construction of the Erie Canal (1817-25) a double set of five locks were built here to allow boats to climb or descend the drop of the Niagara Escarpment. One set was for boats heading west and the other was for boats heading east. During the last enlargement of the canal (1909-18) the southern set of locks were replaced with locks 34 and 35. The gates on the northern set of locks were removed for the passage of surplus water, leaving us with five manmade waterfalls to enjoy. The five falls have a total drop of 49 feet and all are 18 feet wide.

     Be sure to check out the museum at the base of lock 34. A few of the other area attractions are: The Erie Canal Discovery Center, Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruises, and the Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride.

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Web site: The Lockport Locks and Canal District

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