Buttermilk Falls
North Evens, New York

Location: Western central Erie County, Versailles Plank Road, North Evens.

     Starting from the intersection of Routs 20 and 75 located northwest of Hamburg, proceed south on Route 20 for 5.55 miles to the intersection with South Creek Road and turn right (northwest). At 0.3 of a mile turn right (northeast) onto Versailles Plank Road. Go slow as the road turns right and then makes a very sharp left going down the hill. At the bottom of the hill is a small parking area for the Hobuck Flats Fishing Access Site. The parking area is mainly for fishing access to Eighteenmile Creek. Please keep your visit to the falls short. Access to this area of Eighteenmile Creek is provided as a courtesy of the landowners. Respecting the property will insure its future use.

     From your parking spot cross the pedestrian bridge which spans Eighteen Mile Creek. Continue along the trail with the creek to your right. In a short distance you will come to an old roadbed that leads up the hill. Turn right, descending a small hill and continue along the creek. You will soon come to a tributary creek. Cross the slippery makeshift bridge across this tributary and turn left, following along side the tributary creek. You will quickly arrive at the base of Buttermilk Falls.

     Buttermilk Falls is a tiered ribbon waterfall with two major drops. The upper drop is a very steep cascade. It has a crest elevation of 700 feet, a width of 11 feet and a total drop of 15 feet. It can be seen from the trail as you near the falls. The second drop of 54 feet is nearly vertical. The cliffs in this area are comprised of a soft, olive-gray colored shale. Known as Cashaqua Shale it is from the Late Devonian Period and is roughly 370 million years old. The falls faces to the southwest. It is best seen in the mid spring as the creek may dry up in the summer.

     North Evans was originally known as Johnson's Settlement. A tannery, saw mill, and grist mill were located on Eighteen Mile Creek. I have been told two slightly different stories on where the name Hobuck Comes from. The first was that an Ox named Buck was often used to pull wagons to and from the mills and tannery. To command him the driver would often call out "Ho Buck" which lead to the name Hobuck Flats. In the other story the Ox was actually named Hobuck. It is said that Buck or Hobuck was buried near a tree in a nearby field.

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