Arkwright Falls
Chautauqua, New York

Location: Private property in the Town of Arkwright

     Contrary to other information found on the internet and in hiking guides, Arkwright Falls is located on privately owned land. It is NOT accessible from state or county land. Written permission is required from the landowners to view Arkwright Falls.

     In my conversations with the landowners they asked that persons wishing to view the falls obtain written permission from them. If you wish to view this waterfall legally you must contact the owners for written permission to view the falls. Persons entering the land without written permission are trespassing.

     Locating the owners is your responsibility. If you wish to view this falls you must do the research to locate the owners. It is not that hard to do. I found their address on the internet, sent out a letter, and received an email answer giving me permission to view the falls.

     The map below shows the location of Arkwright Falls. Only the green area, owned by Chautauqua County, is open to public access. All surrounding land is privately owned.

Arkwright Landowner Map

     Please respect the landowners rights and obtain written permission for viewing Arkwright Falls.

The information on this web site does not give anyone the right to trespass on private property.
You must obtain permission from the landowner to enter private property.
Recreation on private property is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT.
Copyright 2008 by Scott A. Ensminger.
This information may not be reproduced without written permission.

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